Meditation - Conclusion

The 21-Day Meditation came to an end about two weeks ago.  Each day i focused on a particular way to meditate for at least 5 minutes.  Here's a link to each day's meditation:

  1. Following the breath
  2. Focusing on an object
  3. Guided meditation
  4. Focusing on an imaginary object
  5. Meditating to music
  6. Mindfulness to driving
  7. Reviewing the day
  8. Walking meditation
  9. Focusing on taste
  10. Body awareness
  11. Previewing the day
  12. Focusing on sounds
  13. Self massage
  14. Mindfulness to a household chore
  15. Breathing with pet
  16. Mindfulness to massage
  17. Body awareness (alt)
  18. White light
  19. Buddha board
  20. Brain training
  21. Repeat of Day 1
I'm happy to report that even though i haven't sat every day since the challenge has ended, maintaining awareness and meditation are a much bigger part of my life than they were just a month ago.  I look forward to continuing along the path to enlightenment and improving each day!