Meditation - Day 1

Today i sat for 5 minutes this morning after my shower and before my breakfast.   I set the timer on my oven so i didn't have to worry about tracking the time.

I sat down cross-legged on a pillow and tried to keep my spine as straight as comfortable.  I began by silently counting backwards from 27.  Breathing in through my nose 27, breathing out through my mouth 27.  Breathing in 26, breathing out 26, breathing in 25, breathing out 25, and so on.  I lost track around 20 so i simply decided to follow my breath in and out for the duration of the 5 minutes.

About half way through, i found myself anticipating the alarm going off.  These thoughts and distractions will naturally arise.  It's important to simply recognize them as distractions and go back to what you were doing.  Do not become discouraged.  

It's amazing how quickly 5 minutes goes by throughout the busy day but how slowly it seems to pass while sitting and trying to silence the mind.

I'll try different methods of meditating to see which ones i like best and report on it as i did here in subsequent posts.  

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*I also found myself stopping to concentrate on my breath throughout the day, such as while waiting at the copying machine.  Every little bit helps!