Meditation - Day 12

For today's meditation i decided to go back to concentrating on one of the senses.  As you might recall, one of the prior meditations was to focus on taste.

I set my timer for 5 minutes and started to listen to every single sound i could possibly hear.  I started out with sounds that were close to me like my puppy breathing and other sounds inside the room.

I then started to expand by listening for things outside the room.  Sounds of the dishwasher running in the unit upstairs, creaks and other noises that the pipes make, etc.

I finished by listening to my body's own sounds.  The sounds of my breathing, my stomach growling, my heart beating.

Never judging, trying to dissect the sounds, or figure out where they were coming from;  simply being a passive listener for 5 minutes.

I found this to be a very relaxing meditation and when you are truly focusing on the noises it seems like, if only for a tiny bit, you are able to mind the gap.  It wasn't perfect and i still found myself anticipating the alarm, but it was one of the better sits i've had.