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Notes & Quotes: Karma by Sadhguru

The following are my favorite quotes from Sadhguru's Karma: A Yogi's Guide to Crafting Your Destiny:

  1. Karma is about becoming the source of one's own creation. In shifting responsibility from heaven to oneself, one becomes the very maker of one's destiny.
  2. For every other creature on this planet, the struggles are essentially physical. If they eat well, they are just fine. But human beings are different. For humans, when the stomach is empty, there is only one problem; but when the stomach is full, there are one hundred problems!
  3. It is up to us to decide the nature of our bequest to the planet. This is what the anonymous Jain monks of Velayudhampalayam did. Aware that every action has a consequence, they chose to live consciously. As a result, the achieved a certain kind of immortality that the rich and powerful in the history of the world have seldom managed to attain.
  4. Karma is not a punishment or reward; it is just the process by which life tries to fulfill itself.
  5. When your actions are no longer about you, when they are simply based on the demands of the situation, when narrow self-interest no longer fuels your volition, you have reached the end of karmic production. Your liberation is assured.
  6. If you avoid any experience--whether pain or pleasure, sorrow or joy--it is big karma. But if you go through the experience without resisting it, the karma dissolves.
  7. Your karma is not what is happening to you; your karma is in the way you respond to what is happening to you. 
  8. When you involve yourself intensely in physical activity, you expend a great deal of nervous energy. But now that human beings have become so inactive, almost every person suffers from some kind of anxiety or unease. This is simply because of trapped physical energy. In comparison, you will find that those committed to some form of intense physical exercise are often at a different level of balance and peace and peace and much less entangled in sexuality and other physical drives. This is because one aspect of the person have found full expression.
  9. It is impossible to perform physical activity without your thought, emotion, and energies being involved. The same activity can, of course, be performed with different levels of involvement. Those who work only for a livelihood often feel constrained and suffocated. But when you are deeply involved in your work on every level, you will find activity invigorates you; it does not exhaust you.
  10. The goal for every freedom seeker is the same: to attend to your karma now rather than wait for life to throw it at you.
  11. We have always had a choice: between inclusive action and paralyzed volition, between intelligent dynamism and pathetic fatalism. Why do we so often chose the latter?
  12. The one thing every seeker needs to remember is that the inner journey can only be taken alone. Once this realization dawns, it marks the birth of spirituality. This realization is sometimes scary for those who are used to living in groups, to making collective life decisions. Yes, you can walk together in the outside world, but in the inner world, everybody walks alone. 
  13. On a certain day, three men were working on a site. A passerby came and asked the first man, "What are you doing?" The man looked up and said, "Hey, are you blind? Can't you see I'm cutting stone?" The passerby went to the second man and asked the same question. "What do you think I'm doing?" growled the second man. "I'm trying to earn my living. I need to fill my belly." The passerby went to the third man and asked again, "What are you doing here?" The man stood up in great joy. "I'm building a glorious temple!" All three men were doing the same work. For the first man, his work was simply cutting stone. For the second, his work was simply a means to eke out a livelihood. For the third, his work was an opportunity to create something beautiful that he cared for deeply. The how is the pivotal issue.
  14. It is not the content of your life that matters. It is the context of your life that does. 
  15. When my daughter was twelve years of age, she came to me, a little troubled. I gave her just one guidance: "Never look up to anyone; never look down on anyone." If people practiced this simple sadhana, they would see everything just the way it is. If you look up to someone, you will exaggerate their positive qualities; if you look down on someone, you will exaggerate their negative qualities. But if you simply look--not for something, but just look--you will see things just as they are. Now your ability to navigate your way through life is greatly enhanced.
  16. Karma yoga is usually interpreted as doing one's duty. This again is utterly false. Now, this may sound outrageous, but let me say it: there should be no such thing as duty in this world. Duty is tyranny. The very idea was concocted by people with vested interests.
  17. You have love for something, you do it; if you have no love, it is better to simply desist from action. Doing something miserably or self-righteously is not a contribution to life.
  18. You will see after rigorous, immersive work that there is suddenly no intention left in you to do anything. Now the real spiritual process unfolds. Only if you have known intense action will you know the bliss of inaction. Once your energies get to a boiling point, it is very easy to transform them and make your life happen in the most harmonious way possible. That is the whole purpose of karma yoga.
  19. These are the only two things that you are suffering right now: your memory and your imagination. Nothing more.
  20. This moment is all there is. Accepting this is not a formula. It is not a theory. It means seeing reality just the way it is. It means aligning yourself with the way things are, not the way you think they should be.
  21. The very way in which you experience life--whether you see it as sweet or sour, beautiful or ugly, pleasant or unpleasant--is your responsibility, as your ability to respond is what determines the nature of your experience.
  22. The more you start seeing that you are responsible for your life, the closer you move toward your liberation. If you try to pass the buck to somebody, you will start moving toward your entanglement.
  23. Whatever you eat, drink, and breathe is energy. Whether you transform it into physical, mental, or life energy is up to you. Energy is neither created nor destroyed; it is only transformed.
  24. Many choose to live their lives at this superficial level. They opt for self-improvement rather than self-transformation, hoping that a life of tepid affability and general agreeability will take them to the ultimate. They forget that the social has nothing to do with the existential.
  25. Whether you smoke or drink or pray all day, your actions can still be compulsive. Whatever you do, if it is done with joy and gratitude and if it moves you toward freedom from cycles, it makes all the difference. If a certain prayerful attitude grows within you out of your joy and gratitude, that is beautiful. It is the context, not the content of your life, that determines karmic accumulation.
  26. The eights limbs of yoga (ashtanga yoga, as it is known) are structured in a particular way: the first three limbs (yama, niyama, and asana) are considered to be the fire aspect are purifactory; the last four (pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and samadhi) are considered to be the light aspect and are enlightening. The fourth limb--pranayama--is considered to be the intermediate transitory step, combining both fire and light.
  27. I want to invite you to that place of borderless ignorance--that the ancients have called enlightenment--and the only way to get there is to lose yourself. There is no other way.
  28. A teaching, after a certain period of time, becomes a block by itself. You will twist it to your convenience. People have done this to teachings all over the world. Initially, a teaching has an impact on you because it is new and you have no clue as to how it works. But over a period of time, you will start twisting it to your convenience. You will make the teaching support you. This is counterproductive, because the teaching is not meant to support you; it is meant to demolish you!
  29. The realignment of the chakras--or energy centers--in the human system can produce dramatic results. Energy interventions can completely rewire the system and alter the impact of genetic, evolutionary, and elemental memory. It is these dimensions of memory that unconsciously restrict us in many ways. To become free from their impact or to learn to disconnect from them when necessary is a very important aspect of yogic practice.
  30. The longing for liberation, or mukti, is not because life is miserable. When you are miserable, you long for heaven, not liberation. The longing for liberation arises only when life is good, but you naturally want to evolve to the next dimension. You do not want to go through the tedium of the same cycles time and again.
  31. If you function unconsciously, your karma rules you absolutely. As soon as you can function with some awareness, the power of karma over your life weakens. In life beyond the body, discretion does not exist, so karma rules absolutely. If you have pleasant karma within you, it gets magnified, and if you have unpleasant karma within you, it gets intensified. It is these internal conditions that are referred to as heaven and hell in many traditions.
  32. It is your responsibility to exercise the choice every moment of your life: either to follow your tendency or to make a conscious decision. If you live with this sense of responsibility, your tendencies will not rule you, and your future will not mimic the past.
  33. If your pursuit of external science and technology were accompanied by a pursuit of inner well-being, this would be less of an issue. But enhancing the physical without finding access to the nonphysical dimension is the fundamental problem.
  34. A mirror simply reflects everything. Nothing sticks to it; no residue is left upon it, and it never makes any judgment about what it reflects. It does not discriminate between pleasant and unpleasant, beautiful and ugly. When your mind becomes like this, you are in a state of samadhi. When all these distinctions drop away, the life energy no longer clings to the body. At this point, it starts dislodging itself from the physical.
  35. For the yogi, the ultimate aim is mahasamadhi, or ultimate dissolution of the limited identity. This means a voluntary relinquishment of the physical, mental, and energy bodies. There is nothing life-denying about this. It is instead about giving up the limited for the unlimited. You could think of it like this: Instead of sitting on the beach, you choose to become the ocean. You choose to move from limited pleasure to the unfathomable ecstasy of boundless existence.
  36. Existentially, no distinction exists between the life of one being and that of another. But physically and mentally, there is, of course, separateness. By linking the two on an energy level, you can create a certain life support system for yourself.
  37. The ultimate guidance you can offer is to help someone transcend their suffering. This is what the great sages and mystics down the ages have done. They remind the world that there is a way out of suffering. Even if there is pain, there need be no suffering. The ability to see this difference is the supreme human attainment.
  38. My only aim is to help you recognize the miracle of life that you are. Everything else is a distraction.
  39. Karma does not mean God is sitting up there punishing bad people and rewarding good ones. There is no such thing. But what kind of society we live in--is that not our collective karma? That we are living uninvolved in a society in which horrific things happen--is that not our karma? If all of us live without any humanity in our hearts for all the atrocities going on around us, that is our karma. We get the society we deserve.
  40. If there is collective will, we can bring many things to some sense of order. With concerted and participatory action, much can be changed. But if you attribute all this to divine will, things will go on endlessly in the same way.
  41. Now, suppose you were driving with a drunk friend. If he crashes his car, you might also be seriously injured. If you were to say "This is unfair--this is his karma, not mine," it would be absurd. Your karma is that you were with a drunken friend. This is the way existence works. If you are in tune with, it will not crush you. If you are not in tune with it, it will crush you. 
  42. Anything that is karmic dissolves only when the discerning mind is in function. If you just leave it unexamined, it hardens into a tendency. These tendencies are working upon you all the time.
  43. With children, the less you try to influence them, the more they are influenced by you. The more you try to try influence them, the less successful you will be.
  44. For those who have died without living out a full life cycle, the Allotted Karma, or prarabdha, has to wear itself out. The pranic body has to come to a certain state of passivity or inertness. This happens when there is no longer any active karmic substance. Now, the new allotment, or installment of prarabdha, will begin to manifest itself. As this happens, the energy body regains its vibrancy and will then take on another physical body.
  45. This is what every human being should aspire to: discrimination only on the level of action, not involvement. Action is necessarily limited. It involves a certain expenditure of energy, time, competence, and other factors. Discretion is necessary only on the level of action; otherwise you will waste yourself. But involvement is an internal state, and it needs to be all-inclusive. 
  46. There has been a great emphasis in the yogic tradition on cultivating the right attitude toward life because, depending on your attitude or quality, you attract that kind of thought, emotion, and experience toward yourself.
  47. The moment of death is particularly important in determining the kind of quality you have and the kind of karma you attract. So if you die in anger, in hatred, in misery or in pain, you attract another kind of karma.
  48. In the last forty seconds of a person's lifetime, many lifetimes of Accumulated Karma play out in fast-forward. In those crucial forty seconds, if a person manages to stay aware, they can drop lifetimes of karma. It does not matter what kind of life they have lived. If they are in a consecrated space, or if they have done some spiritual practice and manage to stay conscious, that intense phase will wipe them clean and they can dissolve their karma altogether. 
  49. Dying in joy or love is a wonderful way to die. Dying in what the yogic tradition calls the samadhi state is the ultimate way to die. This means that while you are living, you walk consciously into death.
  50. Tigers have no real choice other than to be a tiger. They go by their instincts. They have no choice as we know them: they cannot transform themselves into vegetarians or get married or become yogis! Their life is fixed, so there is not much karmic action. Certain personality differences still exist: there are angry tigers, docile tigers, lazy tigers. But there are no major differences. Human life, on the other hand, is not fixed. You have the choice and the ability to be any way you want in a given moment. That is the freedom and the curse. Most human beings are suffering their freedom.
  51. Every human being is in the process of becoming divine. Every human being is in the process of awakening to their own destiny. Whether this happens today, tomorrow, ten years or ten thousand years later, is always open to question. But once you see that life is moving toward its ultimate nature of its own accord, you also put your energies into it and go faster. That is, you turn consciously spiritual. Collaborating with Nature's plan is all you need to do.
  52. What about me? If you are able to completely eliminate this question, you have annihilated the enormous sense of self-significance that most human beings live with. Now you can dismantle the elaborate karmic chains in one swift single stroke. You emerge from the debris of your karma a liberated being.
  53. There is a difference between walking out of the body and committing suicide. Suicide means you want to escape a difficult situation. Walking out of something means your term is over and you are stepping out joyfully. If you escape from prison, you will be on the run the rest of your life. But if you are freed from prison because your term is up, you are a free man. That is the difference. And it is a big one. 
  54. In order to fly you need to be willing to drop all investments. You need to reach the point where you are no longer interested in saving yourself. You no longer want to take incremental steps toward your liberation. You realize that if you take incremental steps to infinity, you become endless installments and never get there. When you see your limited identity for what it really is--a hollow bundle of thoughts, likes, dislikes, and prejudices--you are ready to abandon it.

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Goals 15/16 - June Update & Conclusion

A year has passed since i came on here and communicated my goals.  Here's the final count:
Reduce Debt$21,250.21$25,882.11$4,631.90
Keep the Fiance1212100.00%
Volunteerism (h)4.52418.75%
Meditation (m)11514407.99%
While i can't say that i'm pleased with the results, i can say that i'm happy that i accomplished what i was able to accomplish.

I read a book a month.

I did 2610 pullups.

I reduced my debt by $4632.

I still have a fiance.

I volunteered for 4 and a half hours.

And i meditated a little bit.

I will take time to reflect on what went wrong and work to improve myself based on what i uncover.  Nothing is a failure if you learn from it.

Goals 15/16 - May Update

I've fallen off the wagon.  There's really no other way to say it.  I think that i became so overwhelmed that i lost motivation.  

Anyways, here's the progress -- with just 18 days remaining.
Reduce Debt$21,447.17$25,882.11$4,434.94
Keep the Fiance111291.67%
Volunteerism (h)4.52418.75%
Meditation (m)11514407.99%

No reason to be down on myself, though.  It is what it is.  While the past often predicts the future -- it doesn't have to.

Goals 15/16 - April Update

Well, April didn't go very well in terms of goals.  Here's the stats:
Reduce Debt$21,744.63$25,882.11$4,137.48
Keep the Fiance101283.33%
Volunteerism (h)4.52418.75%
Meditation (m)11514407.99%
Not going to complain, though.  I've still made progress.

Goals 15/16 - March Update

An update of my goals through ~9 months:
Reduce Debt$21,721.43$25,882.11$4,160.68
Keep the Fiance91275.00%
Volunteerism (h)4.52418.75%
Meditation (m)11514407.99%
Not much to say other than the numbers don't lie.  I have 3 months left.  I'm hoping to make as big of a dent as possible.

Goals 15/16 - February Update

An update on my goals for time period 6/19/15 - 6/18/16:

Reduce Debt$22,110.57$25,882.11$3,771.54
Keep the Fiance81266.67%
Volunteerism (h)4.52418.75%
Meditation (m)11514407.99%

The only notable here is that I've made significant progress on the debt front this month.  Not because attitudes have changed, but because i was lucky enough to have parents who opened an investment account for me when i was younger.  I was able to cash that in and use the proceeds to pay off debt.  

I know that this action might seem like the wrong move, but the investment account was actively managed (read: high fees).  I should've rolled into my Roth, but i really want to get rid of this debt --especially the higher interest shit.  It's like a weight on my shoulders.  Fuck owing people money.

On to the next one.

Goals 15/16 - January Update

Another month in the books, another opportunity to share progress on my goals:
Reduce Debt$24,660.14$25,882.11$1,221.97
Keep the Fiance71258.33%
Volunteerism (h)4.52418.75%
Meditation (m)11514407.99%

I'm beginning to realize that I'm probably not going to reach the goal for pullups, meditation, and volunteering.  However, instead of getting upset with myself I'm going to focus on how far I've come.

I'm not going to stop either.  Just because I don't think I'll reach the goals doesn't mean I should give up on them.

Check back in a month and we'll see how much closer I'm getting.

Goals 15/16 - December Update

Halfway through the "year" and here's how i stand on my goals:

Reduce Debt$24,899.12$25,882.11$982.99
Keep the Fiance61250.00%
Volunteerism (h)4.52418.75%
Meditation (m)9814406.81%

Boy, do i have work to do!  

I'm ready, though.  The New Year has given me new inspiration.  I'm confident that i can still reach the goals that i've set forth.  I have until June 18th.

Goals 15/16 - November Update

Here's the progress on my goals...(for the period of 6/19/15 - 6/18/16)

Reduce Debt$25,147.61$25,882.11$734.50
Keep the Fiance51241.67%
Volunteerism (h)3.52414.58%
Meditation (m)8114405.63%

I'm behind but I have some time to make up for it.  I'm happy with my progress in the "Books" department, and I still have a fiance, but those are the lone bright spots.

December is a new month and a new opportunity to get closer to my goals.

Goals 15/16 - October Update

Over a third of my "goal year" has already passed.  Here's where I'm at with my goals:
(33% completed means I'm on pace)
Reduce Debt$25,353.43$25,882.11$528.68
Keep the Fiance41233.33%
Volunteerism (h)3.52414.58%
Meditation (m)8114405.63%

Books - I was struggling the whole month of September trying to finish both Money by Tony Robbins and The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene so I decided to set those books down.  In turn, I started and finished both The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and God's Debris by Scott Adams.  I learned that it's much better to move on from a book you're struggling with and read things that excite.  

Pullups - Lowest month of pullups yet.  My back has been hurting a little and I wonder if doing nothing but pullups is a bad idea.

Reduce Debt - Fuck!  I hate debt.  Seeing that I've only put a $500 dent in my debt situation fucking sucks!  (Not enough to create real change in my spending habits, though)

Keep the fiance - Surprised the fiance with a single rose and a bagel for breakfast on our wedding "Countdown Day."

Volunteerism - Didn't do a damn thing :(

Meditation - Only sat for 10 minutes the whole month.

I mustn't procrastinate.  I need to focus on achieving the goals early as opposed to having a "tomorrow" mentality.  Here's to having a more successful update at the beginning of December.

Goals 15/16 - September Update

Still chugging along with my goals for 6/19/15 - 6/18/16:
Reduce Debt$25,353.43$25,882.11$528.68
Keep the Fiance31225.00%
Volunteerism (h)3.52414.58%
Meditation (m)7114404.93%

We're three full months into it, so 25% is considered "on pace."

Books - Slightly behind but i'm in the middle of two books, including Tony Robbins' 600+ page beast Money: Master the Game.

Pullups - September saw the fewest amount of pullups thus far, but I'm still where I need to be to complete this goal.

Reduce Debt - I've paid $528.68 toward my debt.  I'm kind of disappointed in myself here, as I need to dig outta the hole asap.

Keep the fiance - Yup!  She's still around.

Volunteerism - Behind on this goal.  I must remind myself that volunteering doesn't have to be "official."  Simply picking up trash at the park would suffice.  Work to do here.

Meditation - Still struggling.  Not much else to say.

All in all, I'm happy with where I'm at and feel as though I will be able to meet all my goals before my 31st birthday.

Notes & Quotes: 8 Weeks to SEALfit by Mark Divine

The following are my favorite quotes from Mark Divine's 8 Weeks to SEALfit: A Navy SEALs Guide to Unconventional Training for Physical and Mental Toughness.
  1. Success in Kokoro, and in life for that matter, is largely dependent upon one thing: balance.
  2. Baseline test:
    1. as many perfect, Navy SEAL-style push-ups as you can in 2 minutes
    2. 10-minute rest
    3. as many sit-ups you can in 2 minutes
    4. 10-minute rest
    5. as many pull-ups as you can before you gas out
    6. 10-minute rest
    7. a 500-meter swim (or substitute a 2000 meter row if you don't have access to a pool)
    8. 10-minute rest
    9. 1.5 mile run
    10. Record you repetitions and times in a journal
  3. Training is passionately applying carefully conceived principles to develop yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually.  It cultivates a deep awareness of your inner and outer worlds and aligns these worlds into a serious force.  You show up as exceptional every day.
  4. No serious commitment happens without a rock-solid foundation and purpose.
  5. My purpose with SEALFIT training is lifelong growth of your physical, mental, emotional, intuitional, and spiritual capacities.
  6. Nothing good in life comes easily.  The accomplishments you hold most dear require your most valiant efforts.
  7. Recognize and love the simple, good things in life so much they make you laugh, cry, or both together.  Now plug the same level of passion into your training.
  8. Develop a disciplined habit of training.  Even your rest days count.  Be steady, week in and week out.  Training, eating, and breathing are the three pillars of optimal health, so master them now!
  9. When you travel, you train.  When it snows, you train.  When you're injured, you train.  Got it?
  10. Seek to perform 80% of your planned training and fueling goals.  Allow a 20% buffer for spontaneous days off from training and cheat days with meals.  Life is too short to be rigid and boring.
  11. The five primary human potentials, or "Mountains," that must be developed for warriors and leaders to operate at their peak are:
    1. Physical control and development
    2. Mental toughness and development
    3. Emotional awareness and resiliency
    4. Awareness and intuition
    5. Kokoro spirit
  12. Respect literally means to revisit or take another look at something.
  13. The more you respect your training, the more competence and momentum you'll build.
  14. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.
  15. Select a training pace that's between slow and fast.  Be methodical, purposeful, and maintain a relaxed awareness.
  16. If you go out at 100 mph and get frustrated, you'll lost faith and fall off.
  17. Strive to refuel within 20 minutes of a strength or high intensity training session.
  18. "Proper prior preparation prevents piss-poor performance."
  19. Hydrating and refueling must become a discipline.
  20. Twisting and bending mash your internal organs like a washing machine and lead to internal organ detoxification and cleansing.
  21. The more energy you put into the seriousness of the training session, as you maintain focus, intensity, and a sense of teamwork, the more you'll get out of each session.
  22. The biblical concept of tithing has you pay God first, then yourself, then the merchant, and then the tax man.  Try it for growth -- discipline yourself to spend the first 10% of your day on your mental, emotional, and spiritual training.  Empty your cup to learn.  Fill it with far more value to give to the world.
  23. Do you know what integrity is?  It's when you do what you say and say what you think.
  24. Be honest in all your actions, big and small.  Pay attention to your thoughts.  Speak only words of truth that are also helpful and positive.  Otherwise, remain silent.  Let your actions speak your character.
  25. LEARN TO TRUST YOUR GUT.  Pay close attention to the feelings and images that churn your stomach or whisper unease.  They could change the course of your life.
  26. The code of SEAL teamwork:
    1. Loyalty to country, team, and teammate.
    2. Serve with honor on and off the battlefield.
    3. Be ready to lead, ready to follow, and never quit.
    4. Take responsibility for your actions and the actions of your teammates.
    5. Excel as warriors through discipline and innovation.
    6. Train for war, fight to win, and defeat your nation's enemies.
    7. Earn your Trident every day.
  27. Understand the importance of every decision you make from here on.
  28. It's important to ask yourself what you are willing to sacrifice for the results you are capable of achieving.
  29. How do you respond in a crisis?  Are you a leader immediately seeking solutions, or do you shrink back, hoping someone else will step up?
  30. The more you lean into the hard things, the grittier you character becomes.  If you slack off, you lose it.  Grit is earned.
  31. Check into your passion and purpose daily.
  32. "Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible." St Francis of Assisi
  33. Leadership is difficult to learn if you don't have the character to lead.
  34. Open yourself up to the risk of failure... there's simply no better way to earn leadership stripes.
  35. You don't have to be the best at everything, just willing to do your best.
  36. Though SEALFIT training can be done solo, it's more powerful with a team.
  37. The team loves it when the boss can beat them at a workout.  You may leave your guts on the floor, but you'll earn points along the way.
  38. The universe will slow you down if you don't do it yourself.
  39. Safety trumps hard.  Balance the training to prevent injuries, and be smart about how you plan to execute the mission.
  40. No plan survives first contact with reality -- you have to adapt and innovate on the fly.
  41. Hard work is a habit.  Use it or lose it.
  42. Expect absolute integrity at all times.
  43. The team takes care of the team first, then the swim buddy, and then themselves last.  Because we all understand the set-up, safety, transitions, and the leader's needs, we've become a self-reliant team.  
  44. In the SEALs, everyone is a leader and a follower.
  45. Your shift from selfishness to caring has a powerful, positive effect on your own energy.  You simply can't take care of someone else in a negative state.
  46. A team that jokes together stays together.
  47. "The good things of prosperity are to be wished; but the good things that belong to adversity are to be admired." Seneca
  48. If you can't figure it out, you won't make it through the fire.  Discovering your "why" is like taking a big drink from the well after walking across the Sahara Desert.  It feels like coming home.
  49. Love and fear are the only two emotions that emerge with us from the womb.  All other emotions evolve from these two.
  50. To hate another is to hate yourself and all of life.
  51. Look at training as your teammate in human alchemy, driving you relentlessly toward your highest potential as a human.
  52. The Unbeatable Mind Stand
    1. The world is Chaotic and Dangerous.
    2. Destiny favors the prepared in Mind, Body, and Spirit.
    3. Personal growth must encompass the Whole Person and be integrated to accelerate growth.
    4. There is an Athlete and Warrior within everyone.  We differ only in degree and purpose.
    5. Leadership is shown through Example and cultivated in the Arena.
    6. True learning is Experiential and the best learning is through Trial and Error.  We use what works and discard what doesn't.
    7. We treat others with Respect, Compassion, and, if necessary Tough Love.
    8. To qualify for the team you must have a burning desire to do Better Every Day, to meet your Commitments, and to maintain a Winning Attitude.
  53. "If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves." Thomas Edison