Goals 15/16 - June Update & Conclusion

A year has passed since i came on here and communicated my goals.  Here's the final count:
Reduce Debt$21,250.21$25,882.11$4,631.90
Keep the Fiance1212100.00%
Volunteerism (h)4.52418.75%
Meditation (m)11514407.99%
While i can't say that i'm pleased with the results, i can say that i'm happy that i accomplished what i was able to accomplish.

I read a book a month.

I did 2610 pullups.

I reduced my debt by $4632.

I still have a fiance.

I volunteered for 4 and a half hours.

And i meditated a little bit.

I will take time to reflect on what went wrong and work to improve myself based on what i uncover.  Nothing is a failure if you learn from it.