Goals 15/16 - February Update

An update on my goals for time period 6/19/15 - 6/18/16:

Reduce Debt$22,110.57$25,882.11$3,771.54
Keep the Fiance81266.67%
Volunteerism (h)4.52418.75%
Meditation (m)11514407.99%

The only notable here is that I've made significant progress on the debt front this month.  Not because attitudes have changed, but because i was lucky enough to have parents who opened an investment account for me when i was younger.  I was able to cash that in and use the proceeds to pay off debt.  

I know that this action might seem like the wrong move, but the investment account was actively managed (read: high fees).  I should've rolled into my Roth, but i really want to get rid of this debt --especially the higher interest shit.  It's like a weight on my shoulders.  Fuck owing people money.

On to the next one.