Goals 15/16 - September Update

Still chugging along with my goals for 6/19/15 - 6/18/16:
Reduce Debt$25,353.43$25,882.11$528.68
Keep the Fiance31225.00%
Volunteerism (h)3.52414.58%
Meditation (m)7114404.93%

We're three full months into it, so 25% is considered "on pace."

Books - Slightly behind but i'm in the middle of two books, including Tony Robbins' 600+ page beast Money: Master the Game.

Pullups - September saw the fewest amount of pullups thus far, but I'm still where I need to be to complete this goal.

Reduce Debt - I've paid $528.68 toward my debt.  I'm kind of disappointed in myself here, as I need to dig outta the hole asap.

Keep the fiance - Yup!  She's still around.

Volunteerism - Behind on this goal.  I must remind myself that volunteering doesn't have to be "official."  Simply picking up trash at the park would suffice.  Work to do here.

Meditation - Still struggling.  Not much else to say.

All in all, I'm happy with where I'm at and feel as though I will be able to meet all my goals before my 31st birthday.