Introspective Journaling - Day 13: When i'm 80 years old, what will matter most?

The things that will matter most when i'm 80 years old include:

my health - it's important to me that i will be mobile and active in the later stages of my life.  i don't  ever want to stop living life and start waiting to die.  i feel as though if i didn't have my health and the ability to be relatively independent then my old age will be wasted.  i want to live life as fully as possible, regardless of my age.  Maintaining a level of fitness will certainly contribute.

my family - i anticipate having a slew of family surrounding me.  by then, i may have grandchildren and the family tree will have grown.  i look forward to sitting back in my old age and looking at the generations coming after me that i had in role in creating.  the cycle of life unfolding before my eyes...

my contributions - i hope to amass a lengthy list of positive contributions that i've made over the course of my life.  (not that i actually plan on creating a list) If i'm 80 and still feel as though i haven't fully contributed it would be a big disappointment.  It has nothing to do with fame or recognition, it's about my own fulfillment through helping others and feeling as though i left the world a better place than i'd came into it.

If these three things are in line when i'm 80 -- i don't think that i'd have too much to complain about.