Introspective Journaling - Day 14: What piece of advice would i give my 20 year old self?

If i could give the person i was a decade ago advice i would tell myself to concentrate on developing my skills in as many aspects as deemed important.  I spent a lot of time when i was 20 fucking around and not getting much accomplished.  I would tell myself to take things more seriously.  To develop a plan for my future.  To experience as many things as possible in order to figure out where i would like to focus.  

I'd have spent less time partying and more time studying.  Less time playing PlayStation and more time doing cool shit.  I definitely could've gotten a lot more out of my college experience had i left my dorm room more often.  I stayed in my comfort zone more often than not.  Breakthroughs come when we're willing to push ourselves out of our comfort zone.  Unfortunately,i'm still more apt to stay comfortable than to do things i'm "scared of -- or the things that i know i should be doing instead of the "instant gratification" things in which i tend to indulge.

I'm not mad that i didn't do these things.  Ultimately, i'm pretty happy about where i'm at in life right now and maybe had i done some of those things it would've altered my present state. However, it makes me think about my current actions and i hope that i'm not looking back when i'm 40 with a similar list.  A different list is fine -- hindsight is 20/20; just can't be the same things that i'm writing about today.