Introspective Journaling - Day 8: What is my ultimate contribution?

I have yet to figure out why i was put on this planet.  Based on all of the information i consume, apparently "finding your passion/purpose" is pretty important to leading a happy life and feeling fulfilled.

I have plenty of ideas, but nothing has been potent enough to get me to stop and concentrate on it fully.  I want to be absorbed in something.  Preferably, something that i could also get paid for.  I'm an amateur at plenty of things but i don't really consider myself a professional in anything. 

Some advice i have heard for finding your passion is as follows:

- what type of activity do you fully engage to the point of losing track of time?
- brainstorm a list of things that you might think that you're passionate about.  Write for a set period of time without stopping.  Review the list.  The thing that makes you "cry" is the thing you're passionate about. (or the thing that makes you the most emotional)

I had an experience like this when i was watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi.  At one point, a woman takes a bite of his sushi and she basically melts.  For that moment, she has forgotten everything around her and is experiencing pure in-the-moment awareness.  She has no fears, no worries, not a negative thought in her mind.  I want to give that feeling to people.  

I just don't know how yet.  In that example, it was food -- but i don't think i'd enjoy cooking for other people all day.  I like to eat more than i like to cook.

Eventually -- hopefully -- i'll figure it all out.