Introspective Journaling - Day 9: What do i like about myself?

I like my ability to see the larger picture.  While some people are quick to get upset, i'm able to keep my calm.  Friends often come to me for advice, and i don't mind sharing my thoughts and opinions with them.  

I'm generally happy with my body.  of course, i'd rather have six pack abs and all that, but i don't really have any body-image issues.  

I'm compassionate and empathetic.  I try to treat all beings with respect.  I try to rescue bugs in my home as opposed to killing them.  I spend a majority of my food budget on organic food.  The chicken is pastured and/or free range.  The beef is grassfed.  

I go out of my way to help other people.  I'd much rather inconvenience myself than to see somebody else inconvenienced.

I'm a team-player.  I was never the best athlete on the team but i tried to be a role model.

I'm [somewhat] aware.  Compared to a majority of Americans, i feel like i'm more in-tuned with what's going on.  I notice things most people ignore.  

I'm a good friend.  I try to put others first.

I do things behind the scenes that i'll never get credit for.  I can't count all of the little things i do just out of kindness on a regular basis that nobody would ever notice.

I'm reminded of a situation about a decade or so ago when i was living in a fraternity house.  One of my brothers came and found me outside and said something along the lines of, "you're a good dude. i wish more people were like you."  What did i do that made him say that?  Cleaned out the lint trap in the dryer after i used it.  He said in all the times that he'd used the dryer, not once was that lint trap clean.  Apparently he hadn't washed his clothes after me...

The little things make a difference, even though most will go unnoticed.  You never know whose life you're impacting.