Introspective Journaling - Day 7: What if money were no issue?

If the majority of my days weren't spent chasing a paycheck in order to pay bills i would be able to more closely focus on the things that are really important to my highest self. 

I would make it a point to spend time each and every day in nature.  This could be going for a walk, a hike, a bike ride, playing sports, gardening etc.  Aside from the numerous health benefits, i just feel better when i'm able to get outside.  Nature also has a way of calming my mind and body.  It also reminds me of how tiny i am and how lucky i am to be a part of this beautiful world.

If exercise wasn't already incorporated into my nature-time, i'd make sure to spend a little bit of time on this aspect as well.  It's not necessary to go the gym if you find ways to be more active in your everyday life.

I would also volunteer at various organizations on a regular basis.  I'd estimate that I'd spend around 20 hours per week volunteering.  Any organization that shares my vision would be a candidate for my volunteer time.

I'd eat at more restaurants.  I like going out to eat, and if budget weren't an issue I'd spend time exploring some of the great food around the area.  Same goes for breweries.  I really enjoy a good craft beer.

Ultimately, I'd do more of the things I already tell myself that I want to do.  The things that seem to take a backburner to "earning a living."