Introspective Journaling - Day 18: What are my goals for the next 365?

Tomorrow is my 30 birthday.  Each year at this time, i like to set goals for the next year.  It's nice because the new year is 6 months away (when people normally make resolutions) so it makes that a good time to see where i'm at and change course if need be.

However, i've basically been setting the same goals year after year only to not complete them.  If i made a list today, it would be the same list as last year, which was the same as the year before that, and before that.  None of that shit ever got accomplished.  I made cute little goal trackers in Google Sheets and everything.  When it came down to putting in the work, though, it just didn't happen.

I honestly don't know why.  I just didn't want it bad enough.  Is that an excuse though?  Especially because my goals remain unchanged.  Apparently it's at least what i think i want.  I also tell myself, "maybe i just don't want this."  But that seems to be an excuse too.

The thing about my goals is that they're based on a view / version of myself that's not me.  It's the person i want to be as opposed to where i'm at right now.

With that in mind, i'm scrapping [most of] the old goals and writing goals based on who i am at this moment.

For the next year, my focus will be on the following:

Mind - 17 books/documentaries
Body - 5000 pull-ups
Assets - To not go further into debt
Relationships - Get married
Karma - "do the right thing" on a daily basis
Soul - meditate for 24 hours

I will blog about it so this won't be the last you here of these goals.  I plan to go more in depth in a later post.