Introspective Journaling - Day 15: When i was 10, what did i like to do?

When i think back to being 10 years old some of the things that stand out most are athletics, video games, and friends.  

I played competitive soccer and baseball.  I would also spend a lot of time playing other sports as well, just not on an organized team. I always had some type of sports ball in my hand.  My parents used to call me "Billy Ball," named after a mentally handicapped guy in my parents' hometown that used to walk around town tossing a ball up to himself...

I also played a lot of video games.  I probably had a Nintendo 64 at that time.  I remember one of my favorite games being Road Rash, a motorcycle racing game in which you'd be able to use weapons to knock other riders off of their bikes.  Good times.

I spent a lot of time with friends.  I was either at a friends' house or, more often than not, i would have friends over to my place.  Glad i had cool parents that didn't mind.  Being older, i understand the extra burden and lack of calmness added 10 years old bring.  When i was with my friends, we'd spend a lot of time playing sports, or video games, or riding bikes, or hanging out outside.  I grew up on a dead-end street with a cornfield at the end of it so there was plenty of nature around.  I used to love spending time in the woods.

That was basically it.  I played a lot.  Either with friends or by myself.  I was always outside.  Constant ball of energy.  

Definitely can't complain about my life at 10.  The biggest obstacle in my life at the time was getting my homework done.  Those were the days...