Morning Routine: 21 Day Challenge - Wake Up - Days 16 thru 21

The "final" 5 days of the challenge.. Final is in quotes because, as i've mentioned before, i plan to continue to wake up early and start my day.  Here are the numbers:

Day 16 - 7:12a

Day 17  - 7:44a

Day 18 - 7:29a

Day 19 - 7:42a

Day 20 - 8:22a

Day 21(Sunday) - 8:51a

Sort of fell of the wagon as of late so i need to work on that.  Hoping that waking up to actually get stuff accomplished will help me get out of bed early moving forward.  I just found the warm bed way too enticing sometimes, and with "nothing to do" at 5:50am it was easy to sleep in.

However, i was out of bed by 6:10 this morning so i'm continuing the challenge as planned.