Morning Routine: Wake Up! - Conclusion

"Conclusion" is misleading as i'll continue to wake up before 6a.  Summary is a better term for this and the upcoming Morning Routine challenges.

Although i failed to wake up as early as planned, i was (and continue to be) awake long before i would've been had i not been attempting this new lifestyle.  I get a lot accomplished in the morning hours before departing to work and i'm looking forward to continuing the early-rising. For example, this week the latest i've been out of bed has been 6:20.

What's working for me is keeping my alarm on the other side of the room.  Strategically placed alongside the alarm is my robe.  The plush robe doesn't compare to the comfy bed but at this point it's closer.  I just tell myself to put on the robe and head downstairs.  I noticed that a lot of times when i faltered, it was because i would end up sleeping downstairs and didn't have the "robe trigger" in place.  See this post i wrote on a partner blog about triggers.

I'm also leaning on the hope that introducing more activity to my morning routine will be a catalyst to get out of bed.  Since each challenge will build upon one another, waking up at a proper time will start to be essential if i want to accomplish it all.

My next challenge is to create.  After waking and drinking a glass of water, i plan to spend around 35 minutes bringing something from nothing to life.  It could be a new blog post, it could be a journal entry, it could be a fantastic breakfast meal.  The opportunities are endless.  The only caveat is that it has to be something that wouldn't have existed without my intervention.  I want to jump start my creativity for the day that's unfolding.

I'll start next Monday and share as often as possible my a.m. creations.