Morning Routine: 21 Day Challenge - Wake Up - Days 11 thru 15

The challenge has been difficult.  This weekend i had company making it nearly impossible to wake up at 6a because we weren't going to sleep until well after midnight.  Here's the stats:

Day 11 - Woke at 7:45 - had the great idea of keeping my phone (alarm) in the pocket of my robe thinking i'd put it on and get up..alarmed went off at 5:51, i walked downstairs and fell asleep on the couch.

Day 12 - Woke at 7:30

Day 13 - Slept until 9:10

Day 14 (Sunday) - Slept until 11:20. hate sleeping the day away. 

Day 15 -  Woke at 7

I'm fairly confident that the reason i find it so hard to get out of bed is because i don't have anything to look forward to.  "Life itself" should be enough but apparently it isn't.  I'm not going to stop trying, though.