Sleep Tracking - Days 1 thru 5

Here's the data from the first 5 nights of sleep tracking.  Hopefully  by the end of this challenge i'll have a better understanding of my sleeping habits and patterns.

Night ofBedtimeWakeSleep TimeNaps?Wake During Night?Caffeine?ZMA?What did i do before bed?Wellbeing (1 - 5)
10/1/20141.510.258.75NoMany times2p and 5pNoBeer, book, tv3
10/2/20142.25118.75NoMany times2p and 5pNoBeer and tv2
10/3/201401010NoFew12, 430 and 10pNotv3
10/4/201411.57.58No3 times?Nomovie3
10/5/2014111011NoOnce830a and 4pNobeer and ps43

Further info:
  • In the bed and wake sections, 1.5 means 1:30, etc.  I work afternoon turns during the week so I typically stay up until at least 1 in the morning.  It's great not having to wake up to an alarm.
  • ZMA is a supplement that is said to help achieve deeper levels of REM sleep.  I have a couple of bottles but I haven't been using them for the challenge yet.
  • Wellbeing is on a scale of 1 - 5 where 1 is feeling terrible and 5 is feeling fantastic.  3 is normal.