Sleep Tracking - Days 6 thru 13

Here are my sleeping stats for the past week.  The asterisk (*) represents that i used an alarm to wake up.

Night ofBedtimeWakeSleep TimeNaps?Wake During Night?Caffeine?ZMA?What did i do before bed?Wellbeing (1 - 5)
10/1/20141.510.258.75NoMany times2p and 5pNoBeer, book, tv3
10/2/20142.25118.75NoMany times2p and 5pNoBeer and tv2
10/3/201401010NoFew12, 430 and 10pNotv3
10/4/201411.57.58No3 times?Nomovie3
10/5/2014111011NoOnce830a and 4pNobeer and ps43
10/6/2014210.58.5NoOnceNoNobeer and ps42
10/7/201426.75*4.753 hoursNo12p and 10pYesread3
10/8/20142119NoOnce with cramps5Noread, beer, food2
10/9/2014211.59.5NoTwice2p and 10pNobeer, read3
10/10/20141983 hoursNo430p and 10pNoTV, food, beer3
10/12/20143.251.25*10NoOnceYesNobeer and PS43
10/13/20142.75129.25NoOnceYesNoLiquor and tv3

The bed and wake times are represented in decimals.  For example, 2.25 is 2:15 and 6.75 is 6:45.  Over the first two weeks, i'm averaging 9 hours and fifteen minutes per sleep each night.