Meditation - Intro

Meditation.  I have been on and off with meditation for probably over 5 years now.  My interest in it started when i took a Buddhism class at Cleveland State University.  From there, i took a relaxation training course.  After graduation i moved to Asheville and started to dabble some more by going to a group meditation once a week.  I have also tried yoga.  None of these things has led to a daily practice, though.

That's why i'm doing this challenge.  For the next 21 days i will attempt to meditate each day for a minimum of 5 minutes.  5 minutes might not seem like a long time but for a beginning meditator it can feel like an eternity.  Therefore, I'll aim for 5 minutes total instead of 5 minutes at once.  I'll most likely do it in one sitting for 5 minutes but i'll also have the option to do 5 one-minute meditations or some other combination.  I want to keep my options open and turn it into a habit so i want to make the challenge as easy as possible.  I also won't limit sitting to only 5 minutes if i feel like i should continue. 

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Do you meditate on a regular basis?  Any tips or suggestions to help me out along the way?