750 Words - Day 6

I didn't write upon waking this morning, rather i'm trying to get these 750 words on paper so i can go to bed.   I often get off track on the weekends.  At least i am sitting here typing though.  In the past, i probably would have just skipped writing and came up with some kind of excuse as to why i did not do it.  I was actually asleep on the couch "watching" the football game but i knew i had to get this done before actually retiring for the night.

It's nice to just knock it out in the morning.  That way i not only feel good about accomplishing something, but it's not hanging over my head all day and keeping me from going to sleep.

So far this year my weekends have been much more eventful than in the recent past.  I am trying to make it a point to live as fully as i can on the weekends and use the workweek as a sort of "recovery" period.  Life has seemingly been passing me by and i want to do what i can to slow that process down a bit.  

This year is my 10 year high school reunion.  The past decade has been a blur.  The next decade will slip away even faster if i let it.  That isn't the goal.  I want to savor each moment.  Our time is so limited.  I have been to at least three funerals for kids my age since i've graduated.  One of my friends died in the war, and two more in accidents.  You just never know which day is the last.

Instead of being weird about it, or scared, i use it as motivation and a reminder to enjoy the little things and to tell the people that i love that i love them.  I've never really found it odd to say "i love you."  As a guy, it might not seem macho or whatever but i say fuck that. I don't need to front.  

My brain isn't working as fluidly as it does in the morning as this is taking way longer than usual.  I find myself taking a lot of breaks between thoughts.  My poor little brain.  It's saying, "go the fuck to bed!"  It's only 10:30 pm est but that's past my bedtime.  Especially because i was up until 2 last night and was up at 8 this morning.  I tried to go back to sleep (which is why i didn't write) but i was never successful.

I went out to a friend's property and helped clear land.  They are in the process of building a home from the ground up.  It's not going to be anything incredibly fancy, but they are doing it themselves and i respect the hell out of them for doing it.  Wouldn't it be cool to live in a house that you built with your own hands?  It'll be relatively "off-the-grid" and won't have indoor plumbing, so it's not really for me, but it's awesome nonetheless.

We were moving big ass logs.  The best way i was told to do it was to basically flip them over end-to-end until i got them to my destination.  It was uphill, too.  I got a damn good workout in.  I'm still sore from lifting weights yesterday so i probably won't even be able to move in the morning.  I'm not as young as i once was.

It's that good feeling soreness though.  The pain that says i accomplished something and i have a reason to be sore.  Except had i been consistently working out over the past month, i wouldn't be nearly as sore.  Just got to stick with it. 

Me and a friend set up a private Google + group that we are hoping helps keep each other motivated toward our fitness goals.  We're hoping that by having somebody to hold us accountable will help.  We're also working on creating some kind of stakes to make us more likely to see it through.  My fitness goal this year is to become the most fit i've ever been in my life.  

The most fit i've ever been had to be when i was playing high school football so getting back to those levels won't be an easy task.  I was "forced" to be fit back then.  I had coaches and teammates that were relying on me and made sure i got my shit done.  Now i'm basically doing it on my own.  We'll see what happens.  

Finally!  Goodnight friends.