750 Words - Day 5

Happy Friday!  Always a good day in the wage slave's week.  My goal is that one day, every day will feel like a Friday.  

I'm looking forward to today and the weekend.  Not for any reason in particular.  The high temperature is supposed to be 70 over the weekend!  Not bad for the middle of January.  The average is probably somewhere in the mid-40's or 50's for this time of year in Asheville.

Not long ago i purchased Tim Ferriss' 4-Hour Life course through Creative Live.  It's basically just a pr/marketing thing before he released his latest book.  Anyway, it's a two day course in which he brings on various guests to discuss topics relevant to his book and his general mission.  Tim interviews a bunch of people over the course of the two days.  Creative Live allows you to watch these events live, but that's your only opportunity to see it for free.  I watched as much as I could for free, but since i was at work i could not dedicate as much energy as i wanted to.  

I purchased the course for the promotional, discounted price of $149.  I've only watched the first three or four sections (about 25% of the course) and i've already accumulated 7 and a half pages of notes.  It was definitely worth the price.  Especially because they threw in a copy of The 4-Hour Chef.  I had already committed to purchasing the course before they announced that everybody who ordered by a certain date would receive the bonus.  A nice little bonus indeed.  I've read most of the book and i'm now going through the "Domestic" section and following Tim's cooking lessons.  

It's amazing how much your life can change with just a few simple actions.  One thing leads to another.  Create such a ridiculously low quota for yourself and you'll be amazed at how much beyond you went (assuming it's something you really want to do.)  If it's lifting weights for example, just commit to doing three sets of one exercise.  Most likely, once you get to the gym or the place you work out, you'll do more than the minimum.  Same goes for writing.  Commit to just 2 shitty pages.  If you get into the flow you may up with 10 damn good pages without even realizing it.  

If we are able to start, and then make incremental steps on a consistent basis, we'll look back and be flabbergasted as how far we've made it.  

I feel like a lot of the topics and themes keep coming up day after day on here.  I hope that isn't boring.  I'm just simply typing what's coming to mind.  My fingers doing what my brain tells them to do.  Perhaps that's a pretty good idea of where i'm at in my life if these are the things that keep coming to my brain quickly upon waking.  I do need some help once in a while though.  For example, both the The 4-Hour Chef and my notes for The 4-Hour Life are sitting next to me on the table.  It's easy to glance over at that and get inspired to write something about it.

i wonder if i'm making any difference in anybody's life.  i feel like the writing has benefited me so that's a positive.  I want to make a difference.  I want to help people.  Better yourself and then better your world.  I feel like that's what i'm trying to do.  Especially this year.  I'm dedicated to making myself better.  I realize that better is subjective, but our time on this planet is limited so why not try to make the best of it?  I want to be better in my own eyes.  

Trying to please other people is not the right way.  I came into this world alone and i'm going to be alone when i leave it so pleasing myself has to be a major focus.  As long as i'm not interfering in the life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness of others then i do not see it an issue.  I'm a good person, i do things for others on a daily basis.  I just have to make sure i'm giving myself the same respect.

It's sometimes easy to think that we don't deserve it.  BUT, if WE ourselves don't think we deserve, why would anybody else think we deserve it?  Everybody is selfish to some degree.  We have to prove to ourselves and other people we are worthy of respect.