750 Words - Day 7

Sunday morning.  I love waking up and being able to catch a live Barclay's Premier League game.  Soccer is on until it's time to switch over to the NFL playoffs.  Great day for a sports fan.

It's also unseasonably warm in Asheville today so i'm going to try and take advantage of that.  I got some Eggbeaters bicycle pedals for Christmas that i would love to try out today.  I enjoying biking because it's cardio, but it isn't running.  You can also cover much more ground than you can while you run and you see/pay attention a lot more to the surrounding than if you were in a vehicle.

I've drank my morning protein shake this morning and i'm here writing now so i hope that i am able to stay focused on what i have to do today.  I guess i don't HAVE to do anything but it goes back to those fun-filled weekends.  What i won't do it sit in front of those said sporting matches all day without getting anything else done.  The games will just be on in the background.  

Now if it were the Cleveland Browns in the NFL playoffs, good luck getting me to do anything but staring at the television.  But as pro football fans know, the Browns are terrible and they have only made the playoffs once since their return to the league in 1999.  (They lost in the first game.)

So the plan for today is to have a full slate.  I don't even really know what that entails just yet but i don't wanna catch myself sitting around doing nothing.  I have all week to recuperate and there are plenty of things for me to do.  

Damn, this is taking a long time again, as it did last night.  Perhaps it's because Monday - Friday i am just trying to quickly get stuff down so i can get in the shower and get ready for work.  There's nothing that urgently pending today so i guess i do not feel like i have to hurry.  Which is apparently allowing my brain to function at lower capacity than normal.

It's come to the point where i'm beginning to repeat the stuff that i have already once repeated.  I don't want to do that.  I'd like to think that i had something to say.  It's only brainstorming.  Shouldn't be this hard.  Or should it?  Why should i have preconceived notions about how "easy" or "difficult" writing 750 words per day for 21 days is if i have never actually done it?  It's a personal thing.  What's easy for me might be difficult for somebody else.  Hell, even each day is a new adventure.  Some days the words just flow and other days it's like a damn job just trying to reach that 750 threshold.

I suppose that's the point, though.  750 words is enough to make you work for it.  It's usually not something i can just knock out.  I have to dig a little.  

But that also lends itself to my just randomly typing garbage to eat up some text.  Probably hell for the readers so i apologize if that's the case.  It doesn't take nearly as long for you all to read the 750 words, though, so if i owe you a minute or two of your life back, put it on my tab.

I took some progress pics recently and i'm still not happy with what i see.  I'm coming in at around 176 pounds.  I would be more comfortable if i weighed closer to 160.  As i said last night, getting into the best shape of my life is a goal this year.  Life is too short to be a fat fuck.  (Life will most likely be even shorter if you ARE a fat fuck)

I don't say that to be mean.  Our bodies are the only ones we've got.  Modern medicine hasn't figured out a way to put our souls in a new body yet, so we had better treat these ones really well.  For the most part, people who are fat are fat because they eat shitty food and lack an exercise regimen.  Everything else they might tell you is bullshit and an excuse (aside from the tiny % of people who might actually have a "condition")  If somebody is complaining about their weight, but eats fast food more than once a week, tell them to fuck off and not to come back until they find grilled, skinless chicken breasts.