750 Words - Day 4

The 4th day of the challenge and today happens to be both my father's and my puppy Otto's birthday.  I don't actually know if Otto was really born on this day since he was rescued from a local animal shelter, but that was the day we were given and since it's also my dad's it worked for me.  I'm going to go buy him a nice tasty bone from the dog bakery.  (Otto, not my dad)  I sent my dad a birthday card with a $20 in it with some instructions to buy himself some beer.  He's a Busch Light drinker so that $20 will get him a 30 pack and maybe even a pack of cigarettes.

I'm a "sophisticated" beer drinker so i'd probably only end up with around 12 beers with a $20.  I started drinking good beer back at home, but since moving to Asheville, a city with supposedly the most breweries-per-capita, it's only gotten worse.  I'm a fan of stouts, porters, and india pale ales especially.  I got a brewers kit for Christmas so i'm looking forward to brewing my own batch.  It won't taste like the fancy shit but the fact that i made it myself will be nice.

I woke up my legs being sore as hell today!  I did some weight training last night for the first time in nearly a month.  I chose to do front squats, 5 working sets of 5 repetitions.  It's all about consistency.  I want to start trying to create streaks.  This many days in a row of doing this, this many days in a row of not doing that, you get the idea.

They say that people overestimate what the can accomplish in a day, but grossly underestimate what can be had in a year.  It's the effort, over time, that is what produces results.  Why do something at full bore only to crap out 5 days later?  (depending on the circumstances, i suppose)

This writing thing is starting to become automatic, which is a good thing.  I've almost got myself trained to wake up and instantly chug a protein shake.  Now i usually drink the shake while i'm getting this site up and ready to go.  I'd still like to wake earlier but when the time comes, an extra couple minutes in bed always seems like a better idea.  Bigger picture it's not a better idea, but in the moment with my brain in a complete fog, it's what my body wants.

We should learn to listen to our bodies, and learn when it's okay to ignore it.  One one hand, we shouldn't push too hard and we need to give our body the respect it deserves.  On the other hand, our body/brain tells us to avoid danger and to stay comfortable.  My body doesn't really WANT to front squat 135 pounds for 25 reps over the course of a workout.  My body would rather store energy and me be as lazy as possible until i really need to use it.  Our bodies are wired to keep us alive.  Much of our biology/chemistry/whatever-the-hell-it-is is based on avoiding predators and acquiring food.  That stuff is pretty much already taken care of in our modern world.  However, our bodies haven't had the time to catch up evolution-wise.  Our lives are very much different from the way we lived a couple thousand years ago.  

Switching gears, i glance to my right and notice a copy of Tim Ferriss' The Four Hour Body.  I cooked up his second recipe last night.  The meal was scrambled eggs but we had the choice to make it middle-eastern style or (i believe) northeast african.  I chose the African version, which consisted of adding cumin, garlic, and dried mint.  It was an interesting flavor combination that i had never tried before.  I may have added too much mint as it slightly overpowered the others, but it totally transformed my eggs.  I generally dump about a half of a cup of ketchup on a four scrambled eggs but last night i didn't need any of that.  I'm looking forward to learning more.

I still have around 75 words to go but i kind of hit the wall.  I guess it's a good time to mention that i write this first in the morning, but then i'll go back in and lightly edit and/or add links where they are needed.  I simply do this to try and make it a little bit better for all of you.  

Anyways, ignore the terrible grammar and spelling errors.  It's early and i'm typing to get my ideas on the screen, not to be flawless.

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