750 Words - Day 3

Day three and it's also Wednesday (humpday).  Half of the way through the week.  It seems like my life is on autopilot and i'm just going through the motions over and over again.  Maybe these challenges with unleash something within and break the cycle.  

It's not that i'm unhappy or anything.  Unfulfilled might be a better word.  I have everything i need and then some.  Plenty to be thankful for.  I just have to remind myself that i'm the captain of this ship and it's up to me to guide my life in the direction that i wish.

It's easy to blame others, or blame society-at-large but in reality those are just excuses.  There are plenty of examples of people who seemingly had the world against them but they were still able to succeed.   Not only does this me-against-the-world attitude lend one to be more motivated, it probably makes the end goal that much sweeter when you are successful.

I recently read somewhere that everything is exactly as it's supposed to be.  If we desired that things were different we are disconnecting ourselves from nature.  It is our goal to remain in close harmony with nature.  I'm sure i didn't say that exactly as it was but i hope you get the idea.

I've also been reading about the creative energy or being in touch with the universe.  People say that once they find this "flow" it feels as though it's not them doing the creating, but an external force.  The universe wants us to create and it wants us to live in harmony with it.  We are the ones who move out of harmony with it.  Be it through fear, boredom, avoidance, drug use, anything that distracts us from living the life we were destined to live.

I'm not sure if i've ever experienced this or not but it happens a little bit when i write these words.  I start with little or nothing in my mind.  Perhaps i have a slight idea of what i might want to mention but for the most part i simply allow my fingers to do what my brain is telling them to do.

Sometimes it doesn't even feel like some of this is my own original thoughts.  That also seems to happen when somebody asks me for advice.  I'll drop a piece of knowledge on them and then think to myself, "damn, that was good!"  

Why is it so easy to give advice but not take it myself?  Maybe it's because advice is just words, following the advice is real action.  Action speaks much louder than words, but words are easy.  It makes us feel like we have accomplished something.  We'd be better off if we weren't allowed to brag but to had to simply show people what we've done.  Maybe we should all create 60 second videos and just carry them around with us to show people.  Like, "don't tell me what you've done, show me."

This would take care of a lot of the "one-uppers", or people who always have done something better, faster, stronger, or longer than you.  Some rapper made a song called "Mr Me Too" and it's basically talking about this.  Oh you've got this...yeah me too, of you've done this, yeah me too.  

What's wrong with simply letting that person shine?  I've noticed this is my own life.  When somebody tells a story, i look for a way to relate to my own life.  I'm not necessarily trying to one-up, just trying to relate.  When i catch myself doing this i try to keep it to myself and just be a good listener to whoever is talking to me.  It's not about me, let them talk about what they want to tell me.  If they ask if i have experience or have done something similar, i can say yes and tell my side of the story.  If they don't, i'll keep it to myself.

The same goes for giving advice as well.  I often give unsolicited advice because i think i'm helping.  I might be, but generally i'm probably not.  i'll try not to give advice unless somebody asks for it.  I should also be more willing to ask for help.  I have always been the type of person who likes to do it myself and won't bother anybody else.  I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  On one hand i try to be self-sufficient but on the other hand we live on a planet with millions of other people, why not reach out?