Food Journal - Day 12

I woke at 7:25.  Here's what i ate and drank today:

7:40 am - 1 serving hemp protein powder in water
the ripening, food journal, hemp protein powder, water

12:40 pm - leftover steak with hot sauce
the ripening, food journal, flat iron steak

7:05 pm - tuna and mayo mixed with potatoes, onion, and garlic with ranch dressing (probably not the best option for being on a diet..especially cuz i accidentally went too hard on the ranch)
the ripening, food journal, tuna, potatoes, ranch, mayo

8:30 pm - a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter
the ripening, food journal, peanut butter

I drank:
    Water: 60 oz
    Coffee: 24 oz

I didn't take my vitamins or fish oil today.  No reason, just didn't.  Looking forward to the first official Fatterday tomorrow.  (last week i settled for a little Fat Friday evening fun instead)  I intend on eating way more than i should.  Stay tuned..