Food Journal - Day 11

This morning i got up at 7:20.  Here's my food and drink intake:

7:25 am - hemp protein shake
the ripening, food journal, hemp protein powder, water

12:50 pm - ground beef mixed with salsa and taco seasoning. parmesan cheese and hot sauce. (forgot the vitamins)
the ripening, food journal, beef, salsa, taco seasoning

7:15 pm - flat iron steak with chipotle bbq and hot sauce, cherry tomatoes with s&p. multivitamin and fish oil.
the ripening, food journal, flat iron steak, cherry tomatoesthe ripening, food journal, multivitamin, fish oil

7:30 pm - 5T peanut butter (dessert)
the ripening, food journal, peanut butter

Before bed - ZMA

I drank:
    Water: 96 oz
    Coffee: 32 oz

Displaying this food journal publicly has kept me more honest than if i was just been keeping notes privately.  I focus more on my meals.  For instance, i was all set to eat a plate of meat for dinner.  That's it.  I know i should eat veggies and since i'm taking photos and blogging about it, i decided to cut up the damn cherry tomatoes.  Thanks for keeping me in line!

I'm saving money so i can buy new clothes once i get rid of all this fat.  Adds a nice little incentive for myself..