Food Journal - Day 3

Woke at 7:05.  Today's food and drink:

7:15 am - 3 eggs cooked over easy, multi, fish oil.
the ripening, food journal, eggsthe ripening, food journal, multi, fish oil

10:30 am - handful of almonds
the ripening, food journal, almonds

1:30 pm - liver & onions (only ate 1.5, fed the rest to the puppy)
the ripening, food journal, liver & onions

4:00 pm - apple
the ripening, food journal, apple

7:05 pm - porkchop with hot sauce, lettuce and cherry tomatoes with crushed red pepper, parmesan cheese, and ranch dressing
the ripening, food journal, porkchop, salad

8:10 pm - 2 hard boiled eggs
the ripening, food journal, hard boiled eggs

Before bed - ZMA
Here's what i drank:
    Water: 84 oz 
    Coffee: 24 oz

I received a couple of comments yesterday regarding yesterday's journal and i wanted to respond.

One person mentioned the length of time between lunch and dinner as i went 5 hours without any food.  Most people would recommend having a snack.  I simply wasn't hungry and forgot to eat.  

One mentioned a lack of fruit.  Fruit is actually banned according to the Slow Carb Diet; the Primal Blueprint Diet says fruit is okay but in limited quantities.  After all, 100 years ago one couldn't really get fruit year-round like we do today.  I'm not too worried about the lack of fruit. 

They both mentioned the lack of vegetables in my diet.  That's absolutely true.  I need to increase my consumption of veggies, no excuses.