Notes & Quotes: Unbreakable by Jay Glazer

The following are my favorite quotes from Jay Glazer's Unbreakable: How I Turned My Depression and Anxiety into Motivation and You Can Too.

  1. Vulnerability is true strength. If I am vulnerable, it may inspire a teammate to be the same. It may help lift them out of their own pit.
  2. I did everything I could to stand out! Don't just quietly go about your business. Stand the fuck out!
  3. I took some advice my dad had once given me, about getting ahead by being loyal and outworking the world, and I spun it out into three mantras I would use to make me stand out: Be different. Outwork the world. Be the last one standing.
  4. Trust. That's the secret ingredient to being an NFL Insider. Gain trust. And never ever, ever fuck that trust over.
  5. I can give two shits about rejection. That's another superpower of mine. I don't give a fuck if you turn me down. Why? Because what good does that do me, to live in fear of something that hasn't happened yet? We can't hit a home run if we don't swing the bat. We can't win a fight if we don't throw a punch. Fuck it, teammate, might as well swing.
  6. Every time you do something, however small, view it as big. Because it is. It all has a ripple effect. You may have helped someone, or you may have, without knowing it, saved someone. Maybe you did something for somebody, and because of that they had a better day, and then, they turned around and did something to life someone else, who was in their darkest place. You never fucking know!! It really and truly all helps. Suddenly, it's expanding exponentially, until hundreds, then thousands, of people are finally getting the help they need. So, love yourself up when you do something of service for others. You did good!
  7. We live in a society where we are constantly comparing ourselves to someone else's "filtered" fraction of a second of their lives on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, so of course we often think our own lives suck. Or we feel left out of everyone else's "successes," many of which are full of shit, because they are filtered, edited, highlighted, or enhanced.
  8. "You never know what lies around next Tuesday." As in, you'll never know when life will change for you. Some of the shittiest things that can ever happen, could, in fact, end up blessing the world. How many times have we felt despair from not getting a job or losing a relationship or having something completely shitty happen, only to one day have it all turn around? You just never know who you are going to meet that will change your life. You never know what will come into your life to suddenly empower you. You never know what lies around the corner...or next Tuesday, as I put it.
  9. The team that challenges you is the one that grows you.
  10. There is never an end of the road, gang. Never. But you have to decide that and follow through with conviction.
  11. The 5 Pillars of the Unbreakable Mindset
    1. Find out who the best is...and do more than them.
    2. Be relentless. 
    3. Push your breaking point, push your breaking point, push your breaking point.
    4. Neutral face: don't ever show you're hurt or tired.
    5. It's your honor to fight hurt.
  12. Find out where you want to be in life and do more than everyone else to get there. Outwork the world. That's the big magic bullet for success.
  13. When we walked inside, every single light was off...except one. Sitting alone, in a meeting room, with film on and notes in front of him was [Drew] Brees. Ten-forty-five at night. All alone. "Dude what the fuck ya doing?" I asked, shocked at what I'd stumbled upon. Brees shrugged and delivered the greatest, unintentional motivational line I've ever heard in my life: "Sometimes trying to be great is lonely."
  14. Always reward and celebrate growth, teammate...always.
  15. That's how you want to live your life--focused on yourself, on what you're getting out of the fight, on what you can learn. You want to grow and emerge even more badass the next time out. 
  16. Every loss presents an opportunity to improve, presents an opportunity to overcome. Adversity is a gift. It's how we grow. But in order to truly do this, we need to take our ego and pride out of it. Being Unbreakable means we have been knocked down, we have taken losses, we have been hurt, but we got back up every single time.
  17. Be authentic. Too many of us try to be something we are not or try to act a certain way to impress others. That's when we get into trouble, teammate. Just be authentic. We all have things that make us different, so learn to lean on what makes you, well, YOU. And then run with it. 
  18. If you are loving, and stay authentic, you will attract other loving people. If you are an asshole and stay authentic, you'll probably attract other assholes.