Goals 15/16 - Introduction: Current State of Affairs

As i mentioned in an earlier post during the Introspective Journaling 21-day challenge, i've given myself the following goals for my 31st year of existence:

  • Read/watch 17 books or documentaries
  • to do 5000 pullups
  • to not go further into debt
  • to "not fuck up my relationship" with my fiance
  • dedicate 24 hours to service/volunteerism
  • meditate for 24 hours
My challenges in the upcoming months will be dedicated to the completion of these goals.  As i pretty much live by Google Sheets, i've created a spreadsheet to track my progress.  The spreadsheet, appropriately titled "15/16" can be viewed (and commented on) by clicking on that link.

I'm looking forward to completing these 6 goals and becoming a better person because of it.  Follow my progress!