Introspective Journaling - Day 20: What actions do i need to take to reach my goals?

17 books/documentaries - this is one book/documentary every 21 days, the length of a library loan.  Even though i don't really go to the library much, it fits in nicely with the whole 21 day theme.  I also figure i can also bust out a documentary in a couple of hours if i'm struggling to read.  

I'm really trying to make my goals more attainable this year, since i haven't been able to meet them in the past.  The above is an example of that.  I'm giving myself a backup plan that will still allow me to feel like i was successful.

5000 pull-ups - i do these regularly at work so as long as i'm still working in the same building i don't see an issue.  5000 pull-ups is just under 100 a week, or 20 each working day.  i generally take the weekends off to allow recovery and just to simply stop thinking about doing pull-ups.

To not go further into debt - i still have to run the numbers but i've recently invested in a bunch of personal finance books and i'm committed to getting out of consumer debt sooner than later.

I said get married in that other post, but i realized that i'm not supposed to get married until next July, which is out of the 365-day window.  However, i'll just say i want to get closer to my partner and not do anything to fuck up our relationship.  Obviously, i can't really control whether or not she fucks up but i'm going to do my part.

Karma - I've also revised this goal, too as "doing the right thing" isn't really trackable.  Instead, i'll spend 24 hours doing things for other people/beings.  

I'll also meditate for 24 hours.  The goal of meditating has been a tough one for me to implement but i know how important it is and i really want to implement meditation into my daily life.

That's the plan.  Hopefully i'm not struggling with the same shit a year from now.