Morning Routine: Diet/Exercise - Days 8 thru 11

The journey continues.  Here's an update of the last few days.

Day 8 - Strength training. Or -- should've been.  As mentioned in the previous post, i overdid myself last week and was forced to take a day off.  I used the time to do some extra mobility work.

Day 9 - Mobility.  The typical "roll around on a lacrosse ball" stuff i've been talking about.

Day 10 - Meal prep.  Made an entire chicken in the crock pot.  Used the breasts with rice for dinner and lunch the following day.  The rest of the meat will be shredded and turned into chicken noodle soup using the stock from the bones.

Day 11 - Strength training. Workout "B". 2 rounds of: 1-leg romanian deadlift, chinups (4 seconds on the lowering part), hamstring curls, planks, and good mornings.