Morning Routine: Diet/Exercise - Days 12 thru 16

The "diet and exercise" portion of the morning routine challenge continues.  Here's what's happened over the last 5 days:

Day 12 - Mobiliity work.  Stretching and lacrosse ball.

Day 13 - Cardio.  Ran 1.25 miles around my neighborhood.  I know that it was 1.25 miles because i tracked it via MapMyRun.  

Day 14 - Meal Prep.  I made a big batch of beef stew and boiled a dozen eggs for the next couple of days. 
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Day 15 -  Workout "A". 2 rounds of: Dumbbell front squats to overhead press, 1-arm 1-leg dumbbell row, walking lunges w/ sprinter knee raise, wide-grip pushups, kettlebell swings.             

Day 16 - Lacrosse ball treatment.  Worked on sore spots, mostly my back -- sore from the pullups (see below) and kettlebell swings.

I'm beginning to find my routine.  I'm focusing more on my health and using [some of] my breaks at work to do pullups and ab exercises.  The weight hasn't fallen off as quickly as i'd like but i'm just being impatient.  The focus is on the long-term.