Morning Routine: 21 Day Challenge - Wake Up - Days 1 thru 3

A solid morning routine can't be had without actually getting out of bed.  Initially, i reverse-engineered my morning starting with when i left for work and decided that i needed to be up by 6:10.  Only three days into the challenge and i'm already making changes.

I checked and found that the earliest sunrise all year is 5:52am.  This occurs in June.  I want to beat the sun.  Therefore, i will begin waking up at 5:51 on a daily basis.

However, easier said than done.  So far the snooze has been my best friend. (and worst enemy)  Here's how the mornings have panned out so far:

Day 1: Alarm at 6:10, hit snooze until 6:40

Day 2: Alarm at 5:51, hit snooze until 6:30.  Woke up to a snow-covered driveway that i was able to shovel before i left for work.  Would have been impossible on a typical day when i'd sleep until i absolutely HAD to get up.

Day 3: Alarm at 5:51, hit snooze once and was out of bed by 6:10.  Was able to shovel the driveway and throw dinner in the slow cooker.  

Although i haven't been up as early as planned, the extra time in the morning has made me more productive.  Hoping a "crash" isn't in my future.