Sleep Tracking - Days 14 thru 21

Here is the completed spreadsheet from my sleep tracking challenge.  (Again, the times are represented as decimals for mathematics sake and the asterisks mean that i used an alarm to wake up.) 

Night ofBedtimeWakeSleep TimeNaps?TotalWake During Night?Caffeine?ZMA?What did i do before bed?
10/1/20141.510.258.75No8.75Many times2p and 5pNoBeer, book, tv
10/2/20142.25118.75No8.75Many times2p and 5pNoBeer and tv
10/3/201401010No10Few12, 430 and 10pNotv
10/4/201411.57.58No83 times?Nomovie
10/5/2014111011No11Once830a and 4pNobeer and ps4
10/6/2014210.58.5No8.5OnceNoNobeer and ps4
10/7/201426.75*4.753 hours7.75No12p and 10pYesread
10/8/20142119No9Once with cramps5Noread, beer, food
10/9/2014211.59.5No9.5Twice2p and 10pNobeer, read
10/10/20141983 hours11No430p and 10pNoTV, food, beer
10/12/20143.251.25*10No10OnceYesNobeer and PS4
10/13/20142.75129.25No9.25OnceYesNoLiquor and tv
10/14/2014211.759.75No9.75TwiceYesNoWine and book
10/15/2014211.259.25No9.25Many timesYesNoWine and tv
10/16/2014310.757.75No7.75OnceYesNoFood and ps4
10/20/20141.2510*8.75No8.75TwiceYesNoBook, food and wine
10/21/20141.256.75*5.53 hours8.5NoYesNobook and wine