Sleep Tracking - Conclusion

The sleep tracking challenge has come to an end and i wanted to share some takeaways.  Over the 21 days:

  • i averaged just under 9 hours and 15 minutes of sleep each night
  • most nights i woke up at least once
  • i drank caffeine throughout the 21 days, most were consumed at least 5 hours prior to sleep
  • although i planned to take ZMA, i only used it once because my stomach was rarely empty before bed
I'm pretty surprised as just how much i slept.  It was 193.2 hours total.  I'm curious as to how certain aspects of my life, namely diet, are affecting my sleep.  I hypothesize that if i eat cleaner my body will need less recovery time.  Although i don't plan to keep tracking my sleep, i will be more aware of the quality and quantity of my sleep.