No Strings Attached - September 2014

Well... the good news is that i got a job.  The bad news is that the paychecks are very barely enough to cover my bills; it's definitely not going to help me climb out of debt.  I'm suspending the No Strings Attached Giving for a couple of months until i'm on better financial terms.

I struggled about whether or not to donate this month but when i was going to have to use my credit card to donate, i decided that it wasn't the best idea.

I look at the lack of finances as a bit of an opportunity, though.  It will allow me to pare down my bills and focus on where my money is being spent.  When i do start making more money again, i'll use discipline to avoid lifestyle inflation and resume the 5%.  (perhaps in as little as 60 days when i'm expected to get a small hourly raise)