Soaring Eagles and Other Lessons from Nature

Okay, so that title reads more like a college essay or a journal article but it's the best i could come up with.

Secondly, the motivation for this post wasn't actually the flight of an eagle, but it was definitely a bird of prey.  The eagle thing just sounds more majestic.

the ripening, soaring bird of prey, flying bird,

Anyways, i was observing one of these birds flying around and was reminded at how they barely use any energy because they will allow a thermal to do most of the work for them.  In nature, we can find plenty of examples of plants and animals using nature harmoniously.

The biggest, mightiest, trees are flexible and sway with the wind else they'd snap under their own tremendous weight.

Water can be docile as in a pond or it can move with tremendous force as in a waterfall. 

Plants adapt to their environment and grow toward the sunlight.

These are just the ones that i'm thinking about right now and can witness with with my own eyes.

When we're willing to be a student, nature has plenty of knowledge to impart.

Do you have any examples to add?  Toss them in the comment section!