Index Card in My Pocket

I've started to carry around an index card and a writing utensil with me everywhere that i go.  I use one side of the index card for note-taking.  Jotting down anything that seems worthy throughout the day.  The reverse side is reserved for goal tracking.

On the goal tracking side, i've been keeping track of my daily food, drink, and supplement intake.  I also have 5 "daily deeds" that i try to accomplish.  These deeds are to create (producing content), consume (take in content), clean, exercise, and meditate.  I try to do one thing from each category on a daily basis.

I've found that tracking the food and deeds keeps me accountable.  I'll stop myself from eating something because i don't want to write it down.  I'll meditate for a couple minutes so i can cross it off the list.  Eventually these things will become ingrained, at which point i can stop writing it down.  Until then i'll continue to use one side of my card for this purpose.

I figure at the very least, it will be cool to start amassing a collection of these cards.  They'll be paramount to writing my autobiography one day. *wink*

Choose a tool to record your thoughts and make it an extension of your body.  Never leave home without it.