NSA Giving - June 2013

This month's "No Strings Attached" donation allocation went to the following places:

$54 - unsuspecting waitress.  My girlfriend, cousin, and i went to a local pizza place for dinner and this "mature" woman was busting her ass but maintaining a smile the whole time.  She was the sweetest lady despite being exhausted and longing to go home.  Instead of giving money to an organization like i normally would, i thought a $54 tip on a $20 bill might brighten up her night a bit.  I didn't stick around to see her reaction, as that isn't the point, but part of me wishes i would've been able to witness it.

$20 - Donors Choose - to rebuild Moore, OK schools destroyed by tornadoes in May.

$34 - Oklahoma Humane Society - to help out the animal victims of the severe tornadoes in Oklahoma.