NSA Giving - May 2013

This month's $108 went to the following places:

$27 - Gun Owners of America - believer in a citizen's right to bear arms

$27 - Trinity Place (local runaway shelter) - kids are our future

$27 - Cleveland State University - to give back to my alma mater

$27 - App Trail Conservancy - in honor of my recent backpacking adventure 

Each paycheck i list all of my income and expenses on a spreadsheet.  Many times, i have to take money from one place to pay for an expense in another category.  The NSA money is the only money that is sacred.  I'll skip a week of meals before i dip into the NSA Giving fund.  (In all honesty, i'd donate the money and then use my credit card to buy groceries.) Not the best "get-out-of-debt" strategy but donating is more important than a little credit card debt.