Gluten Free - Introduction

I've been kicking around the idea of going gluten-free for a while now.  Coming off of the success of the "No Vehicle" challenge, i'm going for it. 

Gluten is contained in foods that contain wheat and grain.  It is supposedly derived from a Latin word meaning "glue."  Not necessarily something i want swimming around in my gut.

I subscribe to eMeals and i've recently switched over to the gluten-free meal plans to give myself some good dinner ideas and went grocery shoppoing

Unlike the "Food Journal" challenge, i don't plan to post what i've eaten every day.  Instead i'll walk you through a couple of meals step-by-step.  

I'm also going to experiment with posting less often.  Instead of daily updates, i will post two or three times a week.  The hope is that the posts will better thought out and more informative.  Sometimes i find myself scrambling and just throw up a post.  I'd prefer not to do that moving forward.