Gluten Free - Day 4

This morning i made one of my favorite gluten-free breakfasts, the eggocado.  I was first introduced to this meal in Tim Ferriss' Four Hour Chef.  The recipe is simple and the result is delicious.  Allow me to walk you through the steps.

Preheat the oven to 425 and get all your ingredients together. (Not pictured is the baking dish, a bowl to beat the egg, a knife, a fork, and salt & pepper)

the Ripening, Gluten Free, avocado, egg, recipe

Beat one egg.  Split the avocado in two and remove the pit.  Scrape out some of the insides (if necessary) and carefully pour in the egg.  I spilled some...
the Ripening, Gluten Free, avocado, egg, recipe

Bake for 16 - 18 minutes or until the egg is firm.  Add salt and pepper if desired and enjoy!
the Ripening, Gluten Free, avocado, egg, recipe

All is not well, though, in 21-day challenge land.  I allow myself a cheat day where i eat anything i want.  Friday we decided to go out to dinner so i decided that Friday would be the day.  Instead of enjoying an adult beverage with my dinner, i decided that i'd forego the overpriced drink and just go buy some beer at the grocery store afterward.
the Ripening, Gluten Free, fail, Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale

Big mistake!  That beer is delicious.  I only drank one on Friday night, meaning i had three more to stare at all weekend.  Tim Ferriss warns in his aforementioned book that on cheat days you should either completely consume everything or throw it out.  Leaving it around is too much of a temptation.  He was right.  I drank one on Saturday and the remaining two on Sunday.

The good news is that the beer's gone.  I know there's gluten-free options out there but i have yet to try any.