No Vehicle - Day 4

It wasn't as cold as i thought it would be this morning, but i also got wetter than i'd expected.  I bought a rain jacket specific to cycling which features a longer back to protect against road spray but it's not quite long enough.

I arrived to work to work with a cold, wet ass.

The ride home for lunch was cold and rainy but i was going home so it didn't bother me that much.

After lunch i headed back out into the rain only to be stuck at a railroad crossing.  I waited under a tree.  By the time the train had passed, the rain had all but stopped.

the Ripening, No Vehicle, train, railroad crossing

I'm hoping that today's weather conditions are the worst i'll have to face in the remaining weeks.  It wasn't fun but it wasn't that bad either..

the Ripening, no vehicle, weather report, cold and rainy

It's kind of fun being the "idiot on a bike" in such conditions but I doubt i'll subject myself to too much of it in the future.