No Vehicle - Day 3

I like my new route downtown.  It might take a few extra minutes but it makes the ride easier and more enjoyable.  
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Today i passed a bunch of people sitting in their cars waiting to get off of the highway.  It felt good getting to my destination quicker and in a manner that is better for the environment.

I've been imagining what it would be like if all the cars were bikes and vice versa.  It would be so cool to see hundreds of people riding into the city on their bike for work instead of riding solo in a car.

I'm only riding around 7.5 miles per day but that adds up quickly.  Simply not driving to work these next three weeks and i'll have saved over 112 miles.  If i was an environmentalist i'd tell you i saved around 4 gallons of gasoline.  If i was a penny-pincher i'd tell you i'd saved $14.  

Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and cold so it's potentially the first time i'll regret not having a car.  Stay tuned.