Meditation - Day 4

This morning i chose to focus on an imaginary object.  I sat with a straight spine on the edge of the couch with the timer set to 5 minutes and imagined myself on the beach.  I went into as much detail as i could.  I saw the vast ocean and a large piece of driftwood, heard the birds in the sky and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, i felt the sand beneath my feet and the warm air on my skin.  I tried to imagine what it would smell like and taste the saltiness of the air.

Unfortunately, that didn't last the whole five minutes and i found myself not only drifting but anticipating the alarm again.  (The purpose of the alarm was so that i didn't have to worry about the time)

the Ripening, meditation, beach, ocean

It's not supposed to be easy, though.  That's why it's called a meditation practice.