750 Words - Day 17

Back on it!  I sat here and stared without typing anything or a solid three minutes before deciding to go take my shower.  I'm fresh and clean now so hopefully that gets the creative juices flowing.

Last night i watched a Frontline episode about the financial collapse on Wall St.  It's frustrating that not one of the major bankers or anybody "in high places" had to pay the price for their greed.  The American taxpayers fit the bill and the majority of us didn't even blink.

We must remember that every time we hear "government spending" what they mean is our tax dollars.  

The only person in Washington who was really committed to going after these guys was the Senator who took over for Joe Biden.  What this meant is that he was appointed to his position and he was not beholden to any lobbyists or campaign contributors.  What does that tell you?  TAKE THE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS.

Then they were talking to people in the "justice" department and all they kept saying is how hard it is to prove intent beyond a reasonable doubt.  That's bullshit.  They have no problem locking up people every day.  They were scared to take on Wall St so they pretended like they were doing their job but in reality they weren't even trying to go after the guys at the top.  

 Let's not just point the finger in one direction.  There were plenty of lenders who took money that they shouldn't have taken.  Just because somebody is stupid enough to give you a loan, doesn't mean you should take it.  People in this country are so financially illiterate that it's disgusting.  After all, how many of you had to take a personal finance course in order to graduate?  I know i didn't.  I had to take 4 classes in English though.  That has paid dividends (sarcasm)

Our schools don't teach us how to be responsible adults, it teaches us not to question authority and the only right answer is the one the teacher wants to hear.  Sets us up perfectly to be robots for the rest of our lives.  Comfortable enough not to give a shit about what's going on in the world around us.  As long as we're comfy, we're fine.  

That's partly why i wish Romney would have won the presidency.  I think it would have been the wake up call that everyday Americans need.  I equated Obama and Romney both to train conductors.  They are both driving the train (the USA) straight off of a cliff.  Romney's train was just moving faster toward the edge.  Obama is moving us in the same direction, just not as steadfastly.

This is discerning because when it happens so slowly, it's harder for people to take notice.  Our rights have been slowly and consistently impeded upon since September 11th and we just keep letting it happen in the name of "safety" and "security."

Pretty soon we'll be so safe and secure that only the government will be able to protect us.  How safe and secure will you feel then?  

I used to think that the Democratic party was the party "for the people" but what i realize is that they just want to keep their own asses in Washington.  Even the people who make up the Democratic party in Washington is part of the 1% and in the pockets of the 00.01%.  They aren't regular Americans.  They grew up rich kids in the suburbs, too.  What the fuck do they know about the day-to-day struggle of the typical American?  My guess is that they only know enough to pretend to feel their pain.  They don't actually know what it's like.

Washington is too big and the federal government has too much power.  Their rules, regulations, and barriers to entry only make it harder for the little people.  The big companies have the money and influence to get around these problems and therefore are the only ones allowed to play.

Moral people don't need laws to know right from wrong.  Immoral people aren't going to let some law get in their way.  So who do these laws really effect?  The people who probably weren't going to break the law in the first place.  It's just going to ensure that the immoral people have less competition because they're going to do XYZ regardless.  

I think i'm responsible enough to know right from wrong and to act morally in society.  I don't need to rely on Washington to tell me how to act.