750 Words - Day 15

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  

My employer must be racist because i have to go to work.  I'm just kidding but why the hell does the government get the day off but i don't?  Aren't my taxes what keeps Washington turning?  If they're closed we should be closed too, right?

Okay, i'm over it.  It's not like i'm going to call off so i might as well stop bitching.  I'm running a little behind today as i didn't want to get out of bed on this Monday morning.  

Today is also Inauguration Day for President Obama.  Although i didn't vote for him, i'm glad he is taking office for another four years compared to what the alternative could've been.  I did not want to see Republican candidate Mitt Romney win.  I just felt like he was to out of touch with society.  We need to get all the old, white, men in Washington and replace them with some new blood. I'm not sure it's ever going to happen though, as old white men are the ones interested in public office.

I wouldn't last in DC because i wouldn't be willing to play be their rules.  I would want to go in there and reduce the size of government.  Not too many politicians want to reduce their own workforce.  Either side of the aisle, those people's main goal is to get re-elected.  They are protecting their own asses first, then they worry about everything that they were supposed to be doing much, much, later.  I wouldn't see myself as being very popular amongst the group, Democrat or Republican.

If i had to box myself in, i would be a Green Libertarian.  I'm all for individual freedoms, as long as you are not infringing on the life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness of another being.  And we must keep Mother Earth first.  Ruining the planet for your short term economic gain is bullshit, selfish, and very small minded.  

I'd also seek to unite rather than divide.  We see politicians blaming each other.  A friend posted this on facebook and i thought it was funny/true.  "Republicans preach self-discipline and then blame the Democrats for all of their problems."  Typical hypocrisy of the right.

I used to consider myself Democrat, but the more i got involved and sought truth, the more i realized that they were just the other side of the Republican coin.  They work together to keep themselves in power and shit on the average Americans.  Neither party is for the working class, both parties are for keeping themselves and their friends fancy, fat, and fabulous.  

Of the three presidential elections i was old enough to vote in (i was born in 1985) i've voted for a third-party candidate in the last two.  People tell me i'm "wasting" my vote but in reality i'm the one voting with my heart and voting for change.  

Checking the D or R box just ensures we're going to keep on getting the same old shit.  Real change involves disrupting the whole system.  Can you imagine what would happen if suddenly there was a new political party in power in Washington?  It would take everything and tip it on its' side.  I think that is what we need to see in this country.  

We are no longer the greatest country in the world.  I'm not sure we ever were, as that's only what i've read in American history books.  If anything, i think our strategy of going everywhere on the planet and spreading Democracy and Christianity has only hindered the globe.

What would you do if suddenly China took over and demanded that we put their style of government in place and started erected a bunch of Chinese temples?  I don't think we'd take it very well.   We need to step into the shoes of other people and attempt to see things from all angles.

In America, we are so consumed by marketing and propaganda that it's difficult to see through all of the bullshit and get down to the truth.  It's easier to simply take what's being sold to you.  Questioning and asking "why" doesn't make you many friends, but i'd argue that it makes the world a better place.  Sometimes people need to be questioned.  I'm always open to it.  Even if what i'm being told is non-sense, i'll either come out of the conversation with a new way to look at things, or i'll strengthen my previous resolve.  Win-win in my opinion.