750 Words - Day 14

Yesterday was cheat day (regarding my diet) so not to be "cheated" i decided to get a half dozen Krispy Kremes.  I ate 4 of them last night before bed.  I threw out the rest.  Needless to say i paid for it last night and this morning.  Terrible heartburn woke me up more than once.  Then this morning i woke up in a complete fog.  I don't know if that can be blamed solely on the doughnuts but i'm guessing that they had something to do with it.  Food is fuel and Krispy Kremes are a terrible fuel.  They taste fucking delicious though.  Wouldn't it be nice if only the healthiest of foods had the best taste?   

My buddy, a truck driver, is planning to come through today to watch the first NFL playoff game.  I was convinced that being a trucker would be an awesome career.  See the countryside, windows down / music up.  Then i realized that he drives all year and it's not always sunny and 75.  I hate driving in the snow.  I wrecked once when i was younger in a snowstorm and i can't get passed it.  I wouldn't want my career to depend on overcoming my fear of driving in the snow.  Perhaps if i could make enough money in the summer to last all year i'd be more inclined.

Back to the football.  Today the San Francisco 49ers are playing the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship Game and the Baltimore Ravens play the New England Patriots in the AFC.  The head coaches for the 49ers and the Ravens are brothers so i think it would be cool to see them play either other's teams in the Super Bowl.  The last, and biggest, game of the year.  I'd want the 49ers to win that, since i'm a Browns fan and we don't like the Ravens.

For the non-football fans, in 1996 the owner of the Cleveland Browns, Art Modell, moved our team to Baltimore.  The city of Cleveland and the fans of the Browns were crushed.  We also developed quite the animosity toward Mr Modell.  We got a new team in 1999.  The same year the Ravens won the Super Bowl.  That could've been our trophy.  That was a Cleveland Browns team just 4 years previous and now a black and purple Ravens team were the once hoisting the trophy.  

For this reason, I'll never be a Ravens fan.  I'm rooting for them today because i don't like New England and the brother thing would be cool.  I'm almost positive that has never happened before in the NFL.  I doubt that it has happened in any other major sport, as well.

I'll be rooting for whichever NFC team wins to beat whichever AFC team they play against.  

There's something about professional sports i really enjoy.  I think i just like to watch people who are the best at what they do.  When i watch television, i pretty much only tune into live sports and PBS.  There are a couple of other stations i tune into, such as CNBC, but for the most part it's sports or documentaries. 

I like the realness.  I used to only read non-fiction but this year i've gotten into reading fiction before bed.  Just to unwind.  When i'm reading non-fiction i'm seeking knowledge, using my highlighter, taking notes, etc.  When i'm reading fiction i just unplug and read.  Perfect thing for me to do before bed.

I recently read or saw something that went like this, "is this the best use of my time, right now?"  I can't remember where it came from but i think it's profound.  When i find myself sitting around lost, or doing some less-important task, i try to come back to these words.  Since i've started this, it's usually enough motivation to go do something else.  The best use of my time is simply a reminder to stop and think about what i'm doing.  It doesn't mean i should constantly be doing something.  Sometimes, meditation or a light nap would be the best use of my time.  Other times, it's doing some cardio or weightlifting.  

It's simply a reminder to be mindful.  We waste so much time in our lives.  That time is finite.  When it is gone, it is gone.  We should hold our time as precious and make the most out of each second.  

Is this the best use of my time, right now?  Yes, yes it is.  But not anymore because i just passed my 750 word threshold.  Happy Sunday everybody.