750 Words - Day 12

Happy Friday!  Friday's are relevant because it kicks off the weekend.  If i was an entrepreneur, Friday probably wouldn't have the same meaning because i wouldn't have the same relationship with my work.  Right now it isn't about thriving, but merely surviving.  That's my fault though.  I really need to take control over my work life / career.  Sitting back and waiting for outside forces or something is a terrible strategy.  The world is busy looking out for itself so we need to be the same.  It's our life and we're responsible for it.  

And when i say control, i realize that we have very little control over some of the things that happen in our lives.  Maybe it's  better if i say direction.  We need to take responsibility for the direction of our lives.  Plenty of outside forces may come into play, but we must only worry about what we can control.  I must focus on controlling what i can and letting go of the things i cannot.  Why complain about outside forces?  Complaining is just to way to pretend you are helpless.  I wish to stop complaining and start making changes.

I especially bitch a lot about social issues.  I haven't made many friends on Facebook based on my views.  I like to complain about the "system."  I think i'd like to focus more on awareness and education.  Although a lot of people aren't interested in educating themselves and seeking the truth, i'll at least provide the links.  I can't force people to click or even to care.  What i can do is take the appropriate actions to ensure that i'm living a life that i'm proud of and lead by example.

I need to be more action-oriented.  I don't want to watch from the sidelines anymore.  I will live the life i talk about.  There are a few major changes that need to happen in order for me to do this so i'll work on those first.  I'm not using that as a procrastination tool but i really think that there are some things that are holding me back that i need to take care of.  

Don't talk about it, be about it.  Actions speak louder than words.  Lead by example.  

If you can't succeed because of somebody, succeed despite them.  It doesn't sound very good when somebody asks you why something isn't done. "Well it's not my fault, so-and-so blah blah blah."  I am the only one that can be responsible for my successes and failures.  Everybody is greedy and selfish.  Even if they really aren't, it's a decent way to look at it because then you'll see a clearer picture.  I'm not very good at this right now.  I like to think that people are good and just want to help.  It's how i live my life.  I do things for others and don't expect anything in return.  Unfortunately that's not always the case.  It's a cold world and it's people like me who get used by the people who are willing to do whatever it takes for themselves.

These are the types of people that seem to succeed in life.  That's most likely only on the surface, though.  Karma will catch up with them.  (Unless those people created "karma" so people like us keep taking the shit.)  

I think religion does that to a certain extent as well.  When i watch slavery movies, these people get shit on and shit on and shit on but their trust and faith in the savior Jesus Christ keeps them standing under the cow's ass.

I consider myself agnostic.  It basically means that i don't believe either way if there is or isn't a God.  Then, if there is a God, which one?  I'm not interested in all that.  I'm interested in living my life in a way that would make any of them satisfied.  If, for some reason, i was forced to choose a religion, i'd be Buddhist.  To me, it's more of a manual for how to life than about some fairy tale in the clouds.  It's realer, to me.

I was raised Catholic and i was two classes shy of having a religious studies minor in college, so i'd like to think i know a little more about the topic than most people.

It's crazy that when i asked how many of my Christian friends have read other holy texts, no practicing Christian had.  I even had a pastor comment on it and say that he hadn't.  I hope now that he has.  

How can you have such strong faith that vanilla is the best flavor of ice cream EVER when you've never tried chocolate or rocky road?